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Leonardo da Vinci partnership

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Extra seminar in Sweden about Europass, UHR,

Webinarium /Germany & Sweden
30th of January-15 "Unemployment"
                                    pdf presentation Germany & pdf presentationSweden

Webinarium /Turkey
5th of December-14 "Entrepreneurship in the academic field"
                                                      pdf presentation
Skövde, Sweden, meeting 4
 Programme   EU-programmes   EQAVET
                                  Photos    Minutes Sweden    Video Sabina   Video Sven-Olof

Warsawa, Poland meeting 3
     Notes/anteckningar  Minutes Poland
                                                   Interactive Lesson Emanuele.pdf

Spain, meeting 2
     Notes/anteckningar   Dissemination plan  Minutes Spain

Paris, France meeting 1 - kick-off
  Timetable/tidsplan   Notes/anteckningar

The project Aurora 2014-2020 aims at improving the quality and increasing the volume of cooperation between institutions/organisations providing learning opportunities, enterprises, social partners in regard to 2014-2020 EU/EC programmes/fund & projects.

* the fostering of a sense of EU belonging
* an increase in skills related to cultural awareness, diversity, the languages
* a broadening of personal knowledge to be used also at professional level

Partners from Spain, Belgium, Turkey, Poland, France, Germany, Malta and Sweden.



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